Since 1889, the Washington Bankers Association (WBA) has been a crucial guiding force in shaping the direction of banking in Washington and beyond. By working closely with government regulators and policymakers, they help keep banks informed about the changing national landscape in the banking industry. 

We are fortunate to collaborate with the WBA through BankWork$®, our free training program that helps young adults build meaningful careers in banking through placement assistance and ongoing coaching to emphasize the importance of storytelling, community building, and sharing success stories. “Being present at every BankWork$ graduation is a way for us to demonstrate our commitment,” said Duncan Taylor, Senior Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer at WBA. “It’s exciting to see the passion and potential of each graduate, knowing they represent the future of banking. Our partnership demonstrates our commitment to building a diverse and skilled workforce. The WBA actively assists BankWork$ graduates by offering avenues for career growth,” adds Duncan. 

Megan Managan, Director of Public Affairs at WBA, highlights how BankWork$ doesn’t just launch careers; it changes lives. “We’ve seen individuals thrive, and their stories become a central part of our push for a strong and inclusive banking sector.” WBA’s commitment to the future goes beyond supporting laws and policies. They invest in programs that prepare the next generation of bankers, such as our BankWork$ grads. WBA is dedicated to advocating for new ideas in banking, promoting growth, education, diversity, and community impact, and supporting projects that make communities better. 

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How The Washington Bankers Association Supports and Impacts BankWork$ Graduates

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