CareerWork$ Ready

CareerWork$® Ready
 is a free job-readiness program that teaches participants the skills needed to stand out in today’s job market. The curriculum includes one-on-one sessions and group trainings with a career coach, giving participants a personalized experience in real-time. After the program, participants are prepared to interview for open roles.

The program is designed for adults seeking their first job, as well as those who are looking to re-enter the workforce in a broad range of industries. CareerWork$ Ready focuses on hard skills, such as resume writing and interview practice, as well as the soft skills needed to land and keep a job. Job coaches support students through the process step by step.

  • The delivery model is flexible: it can be virtual, in-person,  or offered as a hybrid model, depending on community needs.
  • CareerWork$ provides access to curriculum, an LMS, and “train the trainer” sessions for free to qualified organizations.

CareerWork$® Ready can be adapted to fit specific population needs; our partners have offered it to job seekers, youth populations as part of professional development training, and those emerging from the justice system. 

CareerWork$ Ready Youth

CareerWork$® Ready Youth is a free job-readiness training that helps participants build confidence and develop the skills needed to obtain employment and succeed.

This free program is designed for youth ages 14+ who are looking to begin their career exploration, as well as those seeking internships, apprenticeships, or part-time/full-time employment. The curriculum includes key topics such as professional presence, resume writing, and interview practice, as well as the soft skills needed to land and keep a job.

  • The delivery model is flexible: it can be virtual, in-person, or offered as a hybrid class.
  • The course includes individual and group training sessions with a coach, providing a personalized experience.
  • The curriculum is 24 hours of synchronous class time, with additional assignments and homework.
  • Hands on Banking, a financial literacy course, available as an additional resource.

CareerWork$ Ready Youth can be adapted to fit the needs of specific populations including Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) & Career and Technical Education (CTE) participants. Training can be delivered stand-alone or added as a prerequisite to existing youth training models such as summer Learn & Earn or after-school programs. CareerWork$ provides free access to the curriculum through an online Learning Management System, and “train the trainer” sessions to qualified organizations.

Bincy Babu, CareerWork$ Ready Graduate

“I would encourage anyone struggling to begin their career to sign up for the CareerWork$ Ready program.”

Upon relocating from India to Seattle, Washington, Bincy Babu faced the challenge of starting anew in a different country. While looking for new opportunities, Bincy discovered CareerWork$ Ready, is a free job readiness program created to help participants, offered at YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish. During her time in class, Bincy developed her skills, built her confidence, and pursued her dreams.

Learn more about Bincy:

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