CareerWork$ offers industry-specific entry-level career development programs helping young adults access jobs with career-growth potential. Our model teaches industry-specific skills for immediate on-the-job success, and the communication and people skills needed to succeed as a professional anywhere, and then provides direct access to employers who are hiring.  In each market, we partner with local organizations who operate our programs, and leverage their community relationships to see students succeed. 

  • Our free, eight-week industry-specific training programs prepare young adults for entry-level positions with career-growth potential, and provide the guidance for not only getting the job, but advancing in a career. We engage prospective employers throughout the programs to provide industry insight and integrated recruitment opportunities.   
  • We partner with a local training provider, who hires instruction staff, recruits participants, and connects with local employers with open jobs. We provide industry-written curricula, materials, learning management software, training for instruction staff, and ongoing support at no cost. This division of labor means we each operate with our strengths—partners don’t have to rebuild infrastructure we already offer, and we rely on their grounded knowledge to best serve the community.  
  • Participants learn how to build relationships with clients and co-workers, problem-solve in a professional environment, speak confidently in front of a group, interview successfully, and give and receive constructive feedback. They are also guided to identify and apply transferable customer-facing skills from past employment to future careers.  
  • After completing eight weeks of intensive training, we celebrate the hard work and dedication of participants during a combined graduation ceremony and industry job fair. Participants interview for open positions with industry partners and receive far more personal attention than they might during a standard job fair or online application process. They graduate prepared for their first day on the job, with the confidence that they can and will succeed, and are supported through mentorship as they grow in their new career.  

We build lasting success for employees and employers in the communities they serve. 

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