Yevhen Stanishevskyi’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of opportunity and resilience. Forced to move his entire family from Kyiv, Ukraine, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2022 due to the impact of war, Yevhen faced a challenging transition to life in the United States. Armed with a master’s degree in banking and previous experience as a Branch Manager, he still struggled to find a position in banking. However, when he discovered BankWork$® at Employ Milwaukee, not only was he able to strengthen his skills in the U.S. banking industry, but also joined a community that became a lifeline, connecting him with dedicated supporters, staff, and fellow participants who provided unwavering support.  

“I was initially skeptical about BankWork$; I couldn’t believe that such a valuable opportunity was available for free. ‘I was so impressed with the diversity of the students in my class,’ Yevhen said. “My Instructor (Adrienne Wright) brought banking experience to her teaching role, and the other staff, (Jovo Potkonjak and Oscar Delgado), helped me find additional resources to help me succeed. My fellow participants in the classroom inspired me the most to graduate. They really helped me with my conversational English skills,” said Yevhen.  

Despite the challenges of adapting to a new country and language, Yevhen’s determination paid off. After graduating from BankWork$, he secured a new career as an Associate Banker at BMO.  

“There is still much more to do, but thanks to this program, I found a new job in a new country, in a language that is not my first. I can rely on myself more and can help others now. This program not only gave me the skills for my own success but also gave me a desire to pay it forward. I love using my knowledge of banking to help others; it’s an experience that’s unusual and gratifying,” said Yevhen.  

As he reflects on his journey, Yevhen expresses profound gratitude toward his team at Employ Milwaukee for their support, including mentorship from Jovo Potkonjak, former Sector Specialist at Employ Milwaukee (pictured above). Jovo retired in December 2023, and we are incredibly grateful for his impact on Yevhen and many of the program participants he’s inspired at Employ Milwaukee. Through BankWork$ and the guidance of dedicated leaders like Jovo, Yevhen has not only found his path but has also become a valuable contributor to his community.  

Learn more about BankWork$ at Employ Milwaukee.  

Transformative Opportunities: Yevhen Stanishevskyi’s American Dream Through BankWork$ 

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