5,000 Careers and Counting 

We connect young adults from under-resourced communities to lasting, stable careers through free training, and builds supportive partnerships, to advance equitable economic stability.  

As our organization and free training programs have grown, so has our impact: Since our founding, more than 5,000 graduates of our BankWork$® and CareerWork$ Medical® programs have started new, meaningful, and lasting careers after completing these programs.  

Our Approach to Understanding Our Outcomes & Who We Serve 

As we grow, we are also committed to understanding the outcomes of our programs, what communities we are serving, and how.  

Since BankWork$ was first launched in 2006, our training partners have provided a host of data on student demographics, graduation and placement rates, and retention with our employer partners. To better understand our impact, we leveraged our training partners’ data with external economic trends, and engaged social impact experts Kinetic West to conduct an independent analysis of the outcomes of our BankWork$ program. 

In April 2020, Kinetic West conducted its analysis using BankWork$ participant data from the YWCA Seattle for program years 2014 and 2015, as well as wage growth and employment rate data from Washington State Employment Security Department’s unemployment insurance database. This meant we took real data from a training partner with a high graduation and placement rate, and closely tracked post-graduation progress, including wages and employment rates. 

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