CareerWork$ has helped more than 5,000 graduates across the country secure positions with career potential. Through our training program, graduates gain skills to not only get the job, but advance in a career. Many graduates have moved up the career ladder from entry-level positions into leadership roles.

  • Bincy

    CareerWork$ Ready Graduate, Lead Operations Associate at Chase

    “I would encourage anyone struggling to begin their career to sign up for the CareerWork$ Ready program.”

    Upon relocating from India to Seattle, Washington, Bincy Babu faced the challenge of starting anew in a different country. While looking for new opportunities, Bincy discovered CareerWork$ Ready, is a free job readiness program created to help participants, offered at YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish. During her time in class, Bincy developed her skills, built her confidence, and pursued her dreams.

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  • Gabriela

    BankWork$ Graduate, Teller at Wells Fargo

    “I had no idea what working as a teller would entail, but my instructors taught me so much about the role, and the more I learned, the more I realized it’s what I wanted to do.”

    When Gabriela Martinez first learned about BankWork$ at A New Leaf from her cousin, a BankWork$ graduate, she worked as a waitress in Phoenix, Arizona. “As a waitress, I was trying to help my mom with bills, but it wasn’t enough, so I knew I needed a career change,” said Gabriela. She wanted a more stable career to support her family and more fulfillment for herself.    

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  • Nesha

    CareerWork$ Medical Graduate, Executive Assistant at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

    The application took less than five minutes to complete, and now I’m in a career where I can support my family —all it took was a leap of faith.”

    After getting laid off at the start of the COVID pandemic, Nesha Price wanted a career that could financially support her and her daughter. She got a job at a grocery store, but realized working twelve hours a week wasn’t enough to take care of her family. Initially apprehensive about signing up for CareerWork$ Medical because she’d never done a career readiness program, she took a “leap of faith” and says it turned her “whole life upside down”in the best possible way.   

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