Seattle, WA—CareerWork$, a nonprofit national workforce development organization, is pleased to announce a new chapter in its history by reorganizing to become an affiliate of the Washington Bankers Association (WBA), the largest trade association for banks in Washington state. 

CareerWork$ operates BankWork$®, CareerWork$ Medical® and CareerWork$® Ready. Each program provides free job training focused on the banking and medical fields and general job preparation. The WBA leads the banking industry as a premier provider of advocacy and education.  The WBA first endorsed the BankWork$ program in 2015. 

“This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of empowering community members within the banking industry and beyond. By joining forces, we leverage our collective strengths to enhance the quality and accessibility of career development programs, financial education, and professional training services. The BankWork$ program has been at the forefront of career advancement, providing resources, mentorship, and training to individuals aspiring to a new career in the banking industry. Their dedication to creating pathways for success aligns perfectly with the state banking association’s mission to support the banking community through education, innovation, and community service,” said Glen Simecek, president and CEO of WBA. 

Under the reorganization, members of the banking community and participants of the BankWork$ program will benefit from an expanded range of resources designed to foster professional growth and industry innovation. Together, both organizations will work to ensure that individuals across the country have the tools and support they need to thrive in their careers. 

“We are excited to embark on this journey with CareerWork$,” said Simecek. “Throughout our longstanding partnership with the BankWork$ program, we’ve seen the powerful opportunity it provides to enrich the lives of those looking for a new opportunity while offering the banking industry eager talent excited for a new career. We look forward to our combined efforts’ positive impact on our communities and employers.” 

Les Biller, founder of CareerWork$ and co-founder of the Sheri and Les Biller Foundation, added, “I’m proud of how we have been able to expand the program over the last two decades. Together with our training partners, we have helped thousands of individuals land careers in the financial services and healthcare industries.  I believe the Washington Bankers Association will bring the leadership, expertise, and networks to support CareerWork$ to help even more people across the country.  I am confident that this transition will not only maintain but accelerate the momentum of this important work, supporting the launch of many more careers for deserving individuals. The Biller Family Foundation looks forward to continuing to invest in the program.” 

The WBA and CareerWork$ are committed to a seamless collaboration, ensuring that all existing and future programs operate at the highest level of excellence. CareerWork$ currently operates programs in 14 cities across 8 states. CareerWork$ will operate as an affiliate of the WBA, with access to expanded partnerships through the WBA’s network. Further details will be announced in the coming months. 

For more information about the WBA, please visit To learn more about CareerWork$ and its programs, visit 

About the WBA: 

Founded in 1889, the Washington Bankers Association is Washington State’s largest financial services trade association, representing commercial banks in every county. 

About CareerWork$: 

CareerWork$ is a national nonprofit organization that connects young adults from under-resourced communities to lasting, stable careers through free training and builds supportive partnerships advancing equitable economic stability. 

CareerWork$® Reorganizes to Become Affiliate of Washington Bankers Association

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