Tama Robinson’s journey to her new career started with her car radio.  

The lifelong Milwaukee resident was driving when she heard an advertisement for the inaugural BankWork$ class with our training partner Employ Milwaukee. Tama quickly jotted down the number and made the call. With a new class starting in two weeks, Tama raced to meet the application deadline. After receiving support from Instructor Adrienne Wright, she applied online – and was accepted.  

For Tama, it was the right opportunity at the right time. After working in long-term care for a decade, she was eager for a transition into a career in financial services.  

“I knew I had a passion to help people – and I knew I wanted a career where feel like I did something to help someone that day. I knew I could transfer those skills into the financial services sector.”  

With her customer service skills from her career in long-term care, Tama was eager to dive into the BankWork$ program and learn the industry-specific skills she’d need to thrive in a new career. 

“As class started, I was able to take those transferable skills and move them into a new industry. BankWork$ put the puzzle together.” 

As graduation approached near the end of the eight-week program, representatives from several area employers came to class to speak with students about their hiring process and their culture. As part of the program’s post-graduation job fair, Tama had the chance to interview with a number of employers in the region immediately after the graduation ceremony. 

One of those banks was Prime Financial Credit Union, which offered Tama a position following her graduation. 

Since starting with Prime Financial two years ago, Tama has already been promoted – twice. Today, she’s an Assistant Branch Manager. 

“BankWork$ gave me the blueprint to launch my career,” says Tama. “They give you the outline, and then it’s up to you to fill it in to succeed.” 

“We had high hopes for our very first BankWork$ class at Employ Milwaukee, and like many of her peers, Tama thrived. Tama was hardworking, committed, and driven to build a new career,” said Adrienne Wright, BankWork$ Instructor with Employ Milwaukee. “We knew she would do a great job and be successful as she demonstrating care and leadership in class. It’s an honor and privilege to be part of a program supporting amazing people like Tama as they start lasting, meaningful careers.” 

For those considering the BankWork$ program, Tama says simply to “go for it. They put you in a position to succeed. You won’t regret it.” 



“BankWork$ Gave Me the Blueprint to Launch My Career”: 2019 Graduate Tama Robinson Reflects on Her Path to Her New Career in Financial Services

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