Shantelle Faison has had an extensive, nearly 20-year career in financial services: A teller and mentor at First Union Bank (which later became Wachovia) where she also supported the hiring process; a Lead Teller and then a promotion to Service Manager at Wells Fargo; a Personal Banker; and later, a Branch Operations Manager for Santander Bank.  

And how did Shantelle find out about BankWork$? 

“Actually, BankWork$ found me,” recalls Shantelle.  “My mentor knew how much I loved being a mentor myself.” She introduced Shantelle to the BankWork$, and soon, Shantelle, was in training to become a BankWork$ Instructor.  

“I was very inspired by BankWork$’s structure, professionalism, and curriculum,” says Shantelle. “They are very attuned to what employers are looking for.” 

Since 2018, Shantelle has been an Instructor with our partner, Philadelphia OIC, where she has supported 11 cohorts and more than 150 graduates.  

For Shantelle, the core of what she does is simple: “I empower people – to not only start a career in banking, but to grow in their jobs.” 

“Being involved in BankWork$ has been humbling and rewarding,” says Shantelle. “I get to watch the participants grow, blossom, and have more confidence by the time they graduate from the program. If we give them the chance to be heard and express their talents, they can be a force to be reckoned with.” 

Shantelle says that what makes BankWork$ effective is that, along with providing students the hard skills they need to thrive in a career in financial services, it “instills confidence” and “takes students out of their comfort zone to become a better them. This program was designed to help the underdogs.” 

Want to learn more about the BankWork$ program at Philadelphia OIC with Shantelle? Click here. 

Instructor Spotlight: For Shantelle Faison, BankWork$ Was “Designed to Help the Underdogs”

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