RadNet, a national leader in outpatient imaging with 334 locations, has approximately 8,600 employees nationwide. As the largest provider of comprehensive imaging services in the country, it has critical recruiting needs in areas like patient services.  

Career Work$Medical and its graduates are helping “genuinely meet our need,” says Ruth Wilson, RadNet’s Senior Vice President for Human Resources. “As CareerWork$ Medical has grown, it’s become a pipeline for us.”  

Since forming a partnership in 2019 with our Los Angeles-based Training Partner, JVS SoCal, RadNet has already hired 15 CareerWork$ Medical graduates into roles with career potential – and nearly all remain with RadNet after their first year of employment.  

Those graduates bring hard and soft skills from the comprehensive, eight-week training program for non-clinical roles that CareerWork$ Medical offers and was co-developed by employers and community-serving organizations to ensure success. 

“CareerWork$ Medical gives people the tools that make them successful in the transition to companies like ours,” added Ruth. “They succeed because they come prepared. They have a level of confidence in their training and have exemplified commitment to completing a program. They have the hard and soft skills they need. They are prepared for a real-world experience – and that’s what we offer.”  

For Elise Levine, Associate Director of JVS SoCal’s Healthcare Programs, who draws on her more than 30 years of experience in health care administration, a key way to help employer partners like RadNet meet their organizational goals is “constantly asking our partners like Ruth what they are focused on and looking for. We like to think of ourselves as being a recruiter without a commission. We’re always thinking about where our students could be placed. We help our students identify their strengths, and we really try and job match. Our role is to make our students successful.”  

What sets CareerWork$ Medical apart beyond its training focused on both hard and soft skills needed for non-clinical careers in healthcare is that it attracts students who “want to work for a place where they can make a difference,” says Ruth. “We want people who have that intrinsic motivation, commitment, and genuine empathy. As an employer, I can do anything with that. So, we’d be foolish not to consider CareerWork$ Medical a resource for finding  great employees.”  

As a large employer in the healthcare field, what’s Ruth’s advice to people considering participating in the CareerWork$ Medical program?  

“Find not just a job, but a chance to empathize with people. Working at RadNet offers students a chance to make a difference for our patients and something to be passionate about. If you are about people, then this is the program for you.” 


Employer Partner Spotlight: For RadNet, CareerWork$ Medical Graduates “Succeed Because They Come Prepared”

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