BankWork$® announced today that it has partnered with Fremont Adult and Continuing Education to offer its eight-week fre training program that places low-income young adults and those with barriers to employment in jobs in the financial services industry. The BankWork$ program was previously offered in the Bay Area by Jewish Vocational Services and is also operating in twelve cities nationwide.

“Through the BankWork$ program, JVS successfully placed 125 graduates in the financial services industry over the last few years, creating access to lasting, meaningful careers and employer success.” said Sherry Cromett, President of Career Pathways which owns BankWork$. “We are thankful for the partnership we had with JVS and excited to continue this journey with Fremont Adult and Continuing Education as we deepen our roots in the Bay Area.”

BankWork$ partners with leading vocational training organizations in each market who deliver the program locally. The eight-week course equips graduates with the hard and soft skills needed to become qualified candidates for in-demand jobs at local bank branches. The program has a 69 percent placement rate, and 82 percent of graduates placed in jobs in the financial services industry remain employed six months after graduation.

Fremont Adult and Continuing Education, a part of the Fremont Unified School District, offers adult education with an emphasis on creating post-secondary education and career pathways. They collaborated with JVS in 2018 to begin offering the BankWork$ program on campus and will facilitate the delivery of BankWork$ in Fremont and the East Bay area going forward.

“We have witnessed what the BankWork$ program can do for individuals looking to kick start a career in the financial services industry,” said Heidi McFadden, Principal of Fremont Adult and Continuing Education. “We are excited to continue to provide this life-changing program to the deserving residents of Fremont and beyond and are committed to its success.”

About BankWork$® BankWork$ is a free eight-week financial services job training program that serves individuals with barriers to employment. The program is now operating in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Portland, Ore., Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Tacoma. For more information, visit

About Fremont Adult and Continuing Education Fremont Adult and Continuing Education is committed to student success and community enrichment by providing accessible, equitable and innovative quality education and services to adult learners. We foster student growth through college pathways, job training, career advancement skills and lifelong learning opportunities.


BankWork$® to partner with Fremont Adult and Continuing Education to offer Eight-Week Financial Services Industry Career Training Program in Greater East Bay

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