CareerWork$ Ready is a free job readiness program to help participants get their next job by teaching them the job market skills they need to stand out. The curriculum includes one-on-one sessions and group trainings with a job coach, giving participants a personalized experience in real time. After the program, participants are prepared to interview for open roles.

The program is designed for individuals seeking their first job, as well as those who are looking to re-enter the workforce in a broad range of industries. CareerWork$ Ready focuses on hard skills, such as resume writing and interview practice, as well as the soft skills needed to land and keep a job. Job coaches support students through the process step by step.

The delivery model is flexible: it can be virtual, in-person, or offered as a hybrid model, depending on community needs. CareerWork$ provides access to curriculum, a LMS, and “train the trainer” sessions for free to qualified organizations.

CareerWork$® Ready can be adapted to fit specific population needs; our partners have offered it to job seekers, youth populations as part of professional development training, and those emerging from the justice system. 

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  • Success Stories

    Success Stories

    CareerWork$ has helped more than 4000 graduates across the country secure positions with career potential. Through our training program, graduates gain skills to not only get the job, but advance in a career. Many graduates have moved up the career ladder from entry-level positions into leadership roles.